Development Advantages

What businesses say about Adams County…..

A 2003 Adams County Business Retention and Expansion Study of Adams County’s largest employers found:

  • 50% said their employee turnover rates were less than 2%.
  • Non union shops common.
  • Ranked high quality of life, lower labor costs and good banking relationships as having the most positive impact on doing business in Adams County.
  • 87% ranked Adams County as a good to excellent place to do business.


The utility rates in Adams County are the lowest in Wisconsin. Adams County’s electrical needs are served by Alliant Energy (urban areas) and by Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative (rural areas). WE Energies also provides natural gas in selected areas.  Verizon North, Wood County Telephone Company and Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative serve virtually the whole County with High Speed DSL service.

Adams County Industrial Parks

There are five industrial/business parks located in Adams County with almost 350 acres available.  They are all zoned industrial or light industrial and the price per acre is negotiable.  (Visit our Industrial Sites & Industrial Buildings pages for listing and other information.)

Low Commercial Space Costs

Commercial lease space costs averages $3.00 to $12.00 per square foot. Commercial space purchase costs average a low $35.00 per square foot.

Financial Institutions

  • Grand Marsh State Bank – Adams and Grand Marsh, WI
  • M&I Midstate Bank – Adams, WI
  • Acuity Bank
  • US Bank – Rome, WI
  • Nekoosa/Port Edwards State Bank – Rome, WI

Tax Advantages

  • Adams County County – Purpose
    Property Tax Rate: $8.73 per $1,000 of Eq.Val.
  • Corporate Income Base: Net Income
  • Corporate Income Rate: 7.90%
  • Capital Stock Net Worth Tax: None
  • County Sales Tax: 0.05%

Unemployment Compensation

Worker unemployment compensation rates that are less than half that of neighboring states.

  • Base = $10,500
  • Rates = 1.99 to 11.23%
  • New Regular Employer Rate = 3.03%
  • New Construction Employer Rate = 6.58%

Technical Education & Specialty Training

Technical training is available at Mid State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids and the City of Adams. The Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, which coordinates job training and retraining, is located in Wisconsin Rapids.

Hiring / Training Incentives

If your current or new employees need customized training as part of their new assignment, here’s help.

  • Customized Labor Training Fund – A full 50% of the cost of training employees is provided under this fund. Upgrading of workers’ skills in new technologies is a major emphasis.
  • On-the-Job Training – The Private Industry Council is the agent for the federal Job Training and Partnership Act (JTPA) and provides funds to administer job training programs to benefit the unemployed and economically disadvantaged.
  • Jobs Credit (in Development Zone) – Up to $3000-$6000 for each new job created by a certified Development Zone business.