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Adams County Development Zone

Adams County was recently awarded designation as a Wisconsin Development Zone. As a Development Zone, $1,200,000 in special state incentives is available to qualifying businesses which locate or expand within the zone.

Adams County is now a Technology Zone with 5 million in tax credits available.

Most of Adams County qualifies for the federal New Markets Tax Credit program.

The JAM Development Zone includes the of Juneau, Adams and Marquette counties.  For more information ofn the JAM DZ see the commerce site at:

Development Zone Tax Incentives

For businesses locating or expanding within the JAM Development Zone, the following credits are available:

A non-refundable jobs credit to up to $8,500 for new full-time jobs being created and filled by members of target group. Eligible target groups include W2 participants, dislocated workers, federal Enterprise community residents, vocational rehabilitation program referrals and Vietnam-era veterans, ex-felons and youth from low-income families.

A non-refundable jobs credit of up to $6,000 for new full-time jobs being created and filled by Wisconsin residents who are not members of target groups.

A non-refundable environmental remediation credit of 50% of all remediation costs affected by environmental pollution in a brownfield and investigation. “Brownfield” means an industrial or commercial facility the expansion or redevelopement of which is complicated by environmental contamination.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of all credits allocated to a business must be for creating full-time jobs. The actual amount of job credits is dependent upon wages and benefits. One-third of the allocated job credits must be claimed for jobs that are filled by target group members.

Adams County Programs

Adams County’s Revolving Loan Fund – A community development block grant for economic development was awarded to Adams County in 1996 and again in 1998. This grant enabled Adams County to establish a revolving loan fund in order to assist local entrepreneurs with their business ventures.

Adams – Columbia Electric Coop (ACEC) Revolving Loan Fund – The ACEC established a USDA – Rural Development IRP revolving loan fund designed to address a gap in private capital markets for long-term, fixed-rate, low down payment, low interest financing. It is targeted at the timber and wood products industry, tourism and other manufacturing and service industries.

Wisconsin Development Fund – The Wisconsin Development Fund (WDF) provides federal Community Development Block Grant funds to eligible municipalities for approved housing and/or public facility improvements and for economic development projects. Economic Development grants provide loans to businesses for such things as: Acquisition of real estate, buildings, or equipment; Construction, expansion or remodeling; Working capital for inventory and direct labor.

WDF Funds are also available for: Technology Development grants and loans; Customized Labor Training grants and loans; and Major Economic Development Project grants and loans. Application is made through the municipality.

Rural Economic Development Fund – This program provides grants and low interest loans for small business (less than 25 employees) start-ups or expansions in rural areas like Adams County. Funds may be used for “soft costs” only, such as planning, engineering, ad marketing assistance.

Other State/Federal Programs

Economic Development Administration (EDA) offers a guaranteed loan program as well as public works grant program. These are administered through local units of government for the benefit of the local economy and, indirectly, private enterprise.

State of Wisconsin Investment Board places $2.5 billion into private investments and will provide loans of a minimum of $3 million to Wisconsin companies to promote economic development within the state.

Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corporation acts as an agent for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) programs which provide financing for fixed asset loans and for working capital.

Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA) program, administered by the Department of Transportation, provides immediate assistance and funding for the cost of transportation improvements necessary for major economic development projects.

Wisconsin Community Capital (WCC) is a for-profit affiliate of the Wisconsin Community Development Finance Authority (WCDFA) which provides both debt and equity financing to start-up or existing businesses.

Small Business Administration (SBA) provides business and industrial loan programs which will make or guarantee up to 90% of the principal and interest on loans to companies, individuals, or government entities for financing in rural areas.

Wisconsin Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company (MESBIC) may either purchase equity or convertible debt securities from minority businesses, or may make loans.

Business Energy Fund, established by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), has been designed to provide low-cost financing to commercial and industrial businesses for energy conservation improvements.

Employee Ownership Assistance Loan Program, administered by the state Department of Commerce, makes loans to employee groups seeking to determine the feasibility of such employee group purchasing an existing or recently closed Wisconsin business.

Linked Deposit Loan Program, established by WHEDA, is a reduced rate loan program for small businesses more than 50% owned or controlled by women or minorities to purchase land, buildings, or equipment.

Business Development Fund, another WHEDA program, allows small and medium-sized businesses to obtain fixed–rate financing through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds which are enhanced by bank letters of credit.