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Dear Guests and Visitors,

No matter what your personal definition of the word tracks is, we hope you'll decide to make some tracks of your own right here in Adams County Wisconsin.

Oh, we don't care how you choose to make your tracks:

  • You might amble down one of our leafy hiking trails on foot.
  • Or put your tire tread on one of our thrilling ATV routes.
  • Or leave your snowmobile tracks on one of our many miles of trails.
  • Or plow a parallel ski track through powdery snow on one of our challenging cross-country ski trails.
  • Or churn a foamy trail as you sail your way across one of our glistening lakes.
  • You might even leave invisible boot tracks as you ascend walls of solid rock, just for the challenge of the climb!

So, what's your pleasure? Whatever it is, you're sure to find it in our little corner of Wisconsin.  More and more people are discovering the hidden gem that is Adams County Wisconsin

If you're a first-time visitor to our part of the world, we welcome you.  If this visit isn't your first, you already know why it will not be your last.

So, get out there and enjoy!  We'll be watching for your tracks in every corner of Adams County.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

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We hope you'll decide to make some memories of your own right here in Adams County Wisconsin.

Snowmobile tracks

If you are a thrill seeker and find peace in adventure, then Adams County in Wisconsin is a place that you will absolutely love. Snowmobiling on some of the best trails that the state has to offer is the recipe for a prefect winter vacation!

Adams County in Wisconsin is heaven for someone who wants to go snowmobiling. If you really want to get the best out of your winter holidays and really let loose on that snowmobile of yours, then you will surely have the time of your life in Adams County. It has over 220 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the county. These trails are not only huge but also a sight to behold. They pass through countless farmlands and forests. Any expectations that you might have of how these snowmobile trails might look will be surpassed when you see and experience them in reality. Everyone’s online casino honesty іs easy to check, tһere are specialized functions in tһe Lucky Jet game for this purpose.

These trails are exceptionally well maintained mainly because they are state-funded. A lot of volunteers help out in keeping these trails well-groomed and safe. There are quite a few options to choose from, or if you are not short on time, you can try all of them. There are the County Sponsored trails, the club trails, the state corridor trails and the state-funded trails. If you are a snowmobile enthusiast, you will surely be delighted by the quality of maintenance and adventure that all of these trails have to offer.

If you want to experience an adventure-filled winter with your snowmobile and some friends then Adams County in Wisconsin is the place to be. Not only does it have some of the best snowmobile trails that you will find anywhere, but it also has a host of other outdoor activities that you can enjoy as well. Another plus point for Adams county is that most restaurants and businesses here have snowmobile loading and parking areas. Also, there are a lot of snowmobile clubs. If you want to test your snowmobiling skills, there is always a race or event going on in the winter that you can participate in.  

For trail information go to:


What started thousands of years ago as an essential mode of winter transportation has evolved into a popular recreational activity. But if you’ve never done it before, you might ask, why go snowshoeing in Adams County Wisconsin? Here are a few reasons:

It’s great winter exercise: If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape even when the snow falls, snowshoeing is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise. It lets you extend your hiking and running season and lets you enjoy solitude in areas that might be crowded in summer.

It’s a great social activity: All ages and ability levels can enjoy the sport together.

It’s inexpensive: If gear and lift-ticket prices for skiing and snowboarding give you pause, you’ll be happy to know that snowshoeing is affordably priced. Your gear includes snowshoes and appropriate attire; poles are also recommended, but not required. You can snowshoe pretty much anywhere; hiking trails, across lakes and most county/state parks.

It requires only a few basic techniques: Few outdoor activities are as beginner friendly. If you plan to venture off easy trails, you’ll need to learn how to go up and down hills, traverse slopes, use your poles, how to get up after you fall in deep snow.

Adams County Wisconsin offers many different options including treks through the woods, state parks, across lakes and horse/hiking trails. But please watch for snowmobiles on the designated snowmobile trails and along the side of roads.

Sand Valley Hiking Trails open daily to the Public for hiking & snowshoeing.

The Ridge Trail

TRAILHEAD LOCATION: South End of Clubhouse | LENGTH: 2.5-miles | DIFFICULTY: Advanced

Starting at the South end of the Clubhouse the trail traverses along the V ridge of the Mammoth Dunes Golf Course. The trail features expansive sand blowouts, red pine plantations, and a majestic oak savannah. Snowshoers will enjoy spectacular views of the snow-covered Mammoth Dunes Golf Course, including vistas along ridges as high as 80 feet above the golf course. The trail ends at the North end of the Sand Valley clubhouse by the bocce ball courts.

The Songbird Trail

TRAILHEAD LOCATION: Behind Craig’s Porch at the North end of Sand Valley’s Driving Range | LENGTH: 1.2-miles | DIFFICULTY: Moderate

Starting at the North end of the Sand Valley Driving Range the trail traverses through a sampling of restoration/remnant areas, past golf landscapes, and through an intact red pine plantation. Take note of the birdboxes located along the trail – the lifecycle of songbirds are monitored by volunteers throughout the summer. The Songbird Trail is a loop trail - starting behind Craig’s Porch then taking snowshoers to a meditation point before looping back to the trailhead.

The Karner Connection

TRAILHEAD LOCATION: Meditation Point of the Songbird Trail OR about ½ mile into the Ridge Trail | LENGTH: 1.5-miles | DIFFICULTY: Moderate

Connecting the Ridge Trail to the Songbird Trail the Karner Connection is perfect for snowshoers looking for extra miles. This trail features Sand Valley’s Karner Blue Butterfly habitat, various aged red pine plantations, and views of Lake Leopold. Traversing ridges and valleys this trail highlights the beautiful topography of the area. This is a connecting trail – snowshoers must hike part of the Ridge Trail or Songbird Trail to access the Karner Connection.

Let's go Cross Country Skiing

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors this winter!    

If you’re looking for fun, easy, and safe new ways to stay active and energized over the winter months, Cross Country skiing offers a great alternative for active outdoor enthusiasts of every age and skill-level to get out and explore winter while staying socially distanced.   

Whether your focused on cardio and strength training, or simply getting some fresh air, enjoying nature, and taking the dog for a walk at the local park, cross country skiing is the way to to!


Pick your playground - Groomed Trails or Off Trail 

Cross country skiing on groomed trails offers incredible cardio and strength building benefits with a heightened focus on technique and the powerful sensation of gliding across smooth, freshly groomed trails. 

Exploring the forest or taking your dog and family for a stroll in the park, cross country skiing off-trail offers endless opportunities to exercise, explore, and enjoy the outdoors throughout the winter months.


Choose your style of Skiing



In terms of technique, Classic Skiing is the most simple and accessible for beginners. This technique can be applied both on groomed trails and off-trail and consists of a parallel gliding style that’s comparable to an everyday walking stride.



As the name implies, the Skate Skiing technique is closer to that of inline skating or ice skating. The technique is only practiced on groomed trails and consists of a pushing-off motion that propels the skier forward. There are speed and glide advantages to Skate Skiing vs that of Classic, however the rhythmic V-shaped technique requires a bit more practice to perfect.


Places to go

  • Tri-Norse Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoe Trails
  • Open Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 3pm.  Trail Fees apply.  Over 6 miles of trails
  • Concessions available in their warming house.
  • Lake Arrowhead Cross Country Ski Trails
  • Open during the winter. Come hop on their trail at hole #1 or #10 of the Pines Golf Course. Parking is available at their clubhouse.
  • 1195 Apache Ln, Nekoosa, Wisconsin 54457


Roche a Cri State Park

Roche-a-cri State Park is located in the heart of Friendship Wisconsin. The park is centered around a 300-foot rock outcropping, home to Native American petroglyphs and pictographs. There are over five miles of hiking trails leading throughout the park. 

Cross-country skiing in the park is popular, as the hiking trails turn into a great course when it snows. The park does not groom the trails, so beginner skiers may struggle, especially after heavy snow. 

During winter, the main entrance is closed and visitors should park in the lot on the north side of Czech Avenue, west of State Highway 13. 

1762 State Road 13, Friendship, WI 53934